Saturday, September 1, 2007


We’re 3 sisters. Sandra, Eleanor, Barbara. In so many ways, Sandy is also my mother, daughter, and most of all, my most wonderful of friends. Last Thursday, Sandy became a casualty of the fierce wind that wreaked havoc on Chicago, hurled her against a wrought iron fence, then pitched her to the ground, wracking her brain into a coma. She’s in the ICU at Northwestern Hospital where I’ve watched her sleep and breathe, tubes everywhere. After four days, she opened her eyes for an instant. On the fifth, some of the tubes were removed. Recovery is slow. The challenge, for those of us who watch, is patience as we move in and out of our lives while Sandy struggles to regain what she’s lost.

Yesterday, I flew to Montreal to celebrate the international debut of “INDESTRUCTIBLE”, and cheer Ben’s success with family and friends joining us for this great event with Sandy in my heart. For day by day commentary, go to Ben’s blog at

Eleanor wrote this letter to Kevin Dutton, the remarkable man who saw Sandy fall, rescued her, called the ambulance, contacted the family.

“Thank you for being an incredible person and saving my sister, Sandy Wallman. If you hadn't been at the right place at the right time, Sandy wouldn't be here today. Sandy is a woman who has remarkable courage and strength and will fight hard to regain her health. She has made the world a better place through love, art, children and grandchildren, as well as her curiosity and tenacity. With the chance you have given her, excellent medical care, and the love and support surrounding Sandy, we hope and pray that she'll continue to improve and begin sharing her life with her family, friends and the world, once again. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for making this possible.”

Kevin answered:
“Thank you for those words you wrote. I can't put into words how humbled I am to have found myself a part of such caring, wonderful people. Your sister must truly be a special woman; even in sickness, it seems, she is bringing love into others lives and for that I am thankful. I can't explain how, but even in those few minutes I was able to spend with your sister I could sense the kind of person that you all know her to be. As much as I was able to keep her calm and relaxed, I felt like she was doing the same for me. I will keep all of you in my prayers and try to share the compassion with others that you have all shared with me.”

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bam said...

i am sick at the news. i too lived through that storm. we all had kept remarking, as massive as the physical devastation was, centuries-old tree after centuries- old tree, homes crushed, minivans severed in half, no one i knew had heard of any serious injuries. we all kept saying it was nothing short of a miracle that no human was hurt. why had we heard nothing of sandy? and now we do. and now it's someone dearer than life to you. my heart feels sick. i am achingly sorry. and hold you all in my prayers. please keep us posted. kudos on montreal. how do you weather such storms? blessings i send, another barbara