Friday, March 21, 2008


Emma’s gone. She died at the end of January after a brief illness of severe arthritis combined with spinal stenosis that incapacitated all four of her legs. Twelve and a half is old for a dog like Emma whose mixed heritage of Sharpei, Pit Bull and Black Lab frightened more than a few passersby. But for most who met her, the wrinkles congregated around her face and her sleek black coat combined into a regal beauty and loving demeanor.

As a pup, she challenged us every day, as she ate batteries, table legs, one fur jacket, wood trim, plaster walls, and dismantled a steel cage. A constant moving target, she skittered up and down front stoops, sniffed bushes, and reversed direction halfway across a street.

Emma moved from puppy hood to old age overnight. One day she leaped onto our bed, balanced on her hind legs to open the laundry room door for a drink and raced down the street to chase a squirrel. And then she didn't.

In November, Emma refused to walk more than five feet past the front door of our building. She stopped walking up stairs to her bedroom mat. Food lost its charm. I carried her outside, fed her herbal supplements and scheduled acupuncture treatments.

The last weekend in January, our entire family assembled for the Waisman screening for Indestructible. She seemed to rally. Late one night, when Ben needed help, Emma licked Elizabeth, his caregiver, until she woke up. But after everyone left, she collapsed for the last time.

Every day, I miss Emma’s crazy tail whipping against my leg, her smushy face and sweet eyes. I still hear her coming up the stairs to visit me at my desk. She enjoyed a full life, was well loved and is missed by many, pretty much what we all hope for.

Emma’s Legacy:
1. Love with abandon
2. Find joy in the small moments
3. Stand firm when it matters
4. Show respect for the alphas in your life

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Indestructible won the jury prize for Best Documentary at the Lake County Film Festival and Best Documentary at Byron Bay Film Festival in Australia!
Breaking News! We have had a generous donor commit to matching your contributions for the 50 to 1 Campaign. Tom Shadyac, the Hollywood Director and Producer of Bruce Almighty fame, will match up to $50,000 of your donations....and you get a signed DVD. Help spread the word. You can make the difference.
50 to 1 CAMPAIGN
379 Contributions, 1621 to go....
Own one of the original 2000 signed copies of Indestructible AND change the world!
We like long shots. That's why we are working to change the face of ALS. That's why we made a movie directed by and starring a guy with a fatal neuro-degenerative disease. Now a critically acclaimed, award winning documentary that has sold out film festivals and received the enthusiastic endorsement of one of the leading neurological research centers in the world, the Indestructible long shot is starting to pay off. Believe in this dream and make your own mark on the face of ALS. We need your help to continue the important work being done.
We are betting that 2000 people have 50 bucks to spare....and help wipe ALS off the face of our planet. When we reach our 2000 donor goal, each 50 dollar contributor will be sent an Indestructible DVD signed by Ben Byer -yeah it's corny but that's what we have, signed with his foot by the way- two Indestructible buttons, and a letter of gratitude. In addition, for every 50 dollar contribution, one DVD will be sent to an ALS patient free of charge who would otherwise be unable to see the film. The $100,000 raised by 50 to 1 will help pay for a limited theatrical release, subsequent DVD releases and marketing to bring Indestructible to a global audience.
It's fifty bucks. That's a week of lattes, a carton of cigarettes, a night at the movies, a few drinks at the bar, a fill up on the suv, some sushi, you get the picture. If just 200 of you recruit 10 friends we will reach our goal. So please help us get this film to the people who want to see it most... you!
Progress will be posted on our website and DVDs will be sent when 2000 contributions of 50 dollars are received.
This is a limited edition DVD pre-release. Only 2000 copies will be available for 50 to 1 contributors and 2000 will be donated to ALS patients. Indestructible will be available for purchase at a later date for those not participating in 50 to 1.
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