Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Take a moment to bask in the light of Indestructible’s achievement. California Theater in San Jose, where the awards ceremony was held, is a beautifully renovated building. Gilded chandeliers, gold filigree, exquisite murals. Just sitting in the audience was a pleasure. All of the filmmakers were asked to come on stage for the awards announcements. Rebeccah rolled Ben onto the stage from behind the curtain, just ten feet from where we sat in the first row. The audience was filled to capacity, over a thousand. The announcement for the best documentary began with 'powerful, compelling, inspiring’ and when the words ‘Lou Gherig’s Disease’ was said followed by ‘Indestructible’ everyone in the place rose up and cheered. For a long time. Ben said something into the microphone, repeated it, but Rebeccah was unable to decipher his words. “We didn’t rehearse." Laughter. "My brother thanks you.” (We’ll never know Ben’s exact words because he’s decided to keep that a mystery.) Who needs words when the moment is ecstatic? Again, massive applause. That evening at our celebratory dinner, Ben said that when the announcement ‘Lou Gherig’s Disease’ was made, he thought there was another film about ALS that he’d missed. But the title ‘Indestructible’ confirmed the achievement belonged to Ben. His peers, talented filmmakers all, validated what we already knew to be true. Ben’s gift and legacy of ‘Indestructible’ has a permanent place in the world.

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Carol Owens Campbell said...

Congratulations to Ben! Congratulations to Rebeccah and the Byer Family. This, I predict, is just the beginning of the applause Ben will receive for his art, his passion, his humor, his vision, his persistence, his discoveries, his vigor, his truth. Thank you for sharing the exuberant news, Barbara. Thank you, Ben, for creating and crafting "Indestructible." You've enlightened us all. Love, Carol